Profile on Wind Turbine Industries Corp.


Since its acquisition of the Jacobs wind energy products in 1986, Wind Turbine Industries Corporation ("WTIC") has been striving to insure a quality product available to potential buyers.  Over the years we have implemented a few minor changes to the systems to improve the operation and performance and also to stay with current trends in the market today.   We have been reviewing the potential market for alternate energy and providing support to existing wind turbine owners. The Jacobs wind turbines are considered by many to be the "Cadillac" of wind turbine industry. 

At present WTIC has a 20 KW Wind Turbine and the 10 KW thru 17.5 KW de rated system (20 KW with smaller Blades), which will be marketed under the WTIC name. While ongoing research and development continues as to all the products, and the introduction of fiberglass blades. In addition to research and development, the Company has been investigating the potential market for its products. The three areas to which WTIC plans to market are the United States, international markets which have isolated areas to which traditional electric power can only be supplied with great difficulty and at great cost, and the governmental area including places where local or state governmental entities are tasked with supplying electrical energy to a particular area.

WTIC expects to focus its marketing in areas where supplying traditional electric power is both costly and difficult. The Company also plans, through its authorized agents and internally, to continue to market to customers seeking wind turbines for personal or commercial use and to continue to supply the approximate 1200 wind turbine owners with parts and service support.