Casinos Using Renewable Energy

It’s always a great thing to hear when you catch news about companies starting to use renewable energy. It’s even better to hear when your favourite places to go- like casinos- start doing the same thing. Also, games like Novomatic slot games have become even more popular because of Energy Casino. It’s the rise of the future with renewable energy so check out for yourself how much better it is than others who don’t use these features. It’s a good idea too, especially with all of the lights and sounds needed to accommodate such power that- in a way- could be used for better things. Well, now some have decided to go green. A large company such as a casino opting for better resources is letting a good vibe go around and letting others see just how good it is. It may even make others change their minds and do more good to the environment that we all live in.

Rincon Casino

One casino that is located in San Diego, California has decided to fuel their business at a better rate. They get the energy that they need from a local solar panel farm. This is used for the tremendously big air conditioning that is needed during the warm spring and summer months. This alone cost around 8 million US dollars and is- probably what many people think- a very large amount of money. This may be true, but in the future, it will add up to be a lower sum than what it was originally doing. This casino and what they did was one of the biggest projects that a private business did to make the switch but the California Solar Initiative have supported them in their attempts and successes. It was such a great idea that they even decided to pay for a huge chunk of their costs that it took them to do that. It’s a good reason, especially when we all benefit from it- it saves the Earth. This is a good way to be a role model to other businesses who may decide to leave the nuclear power once and for all.

Peppermill Resort Spa Casino

Another casino that made the right decision to go eco-friendly – this casino also thought about other reasons. They thought about how dangerous the current situations were with the heating of the water. Being a 19 story building, you have to be very careful with how you approach and do things to be on the safe side. With their natural gas heaters for water, you can only imagine that anything bad can happen, and the effects would not be good. Keep in mind that this option with the natural source for their hot water can’t be found everywhere. Because of luck, they just happened to be on top of it. Because of this amazing happening though, they are now saving around 2 million US dollars per year.