Requirements For WTIC Dealers:



  • Verifiable References 

  • Complete WTIC factory training     

    • Wind site evaluation and Jacobs production estimation

    • Mechanical assembly and operation of Jacobs machine 

    • Electrical installation requirements 

    • Maintenance 

    • Best practice sales procedures 

    • Attendee(s) must exhibit competency and ability to grasp all concepts covered in training sessions 


  • Dealers are required to service and support all Jacobs products they sell 

  • Dealers must be willing to service other existing Jacobs systems (within reason) 

  • Location and service area 

    • Dealers are limited to a 250 mile radius from primary location 

    • WTIC maintains approximately 100 miles between dealers


  • Dealer must maintain 1M liability insurance (preferably professional liability) confirmed by adding WTIC to policy as a notified certificate holder.


Before inquiring about a dealership, please obtain a solid foundation of knowledge about wind power generation.  The following are good sources of information:


Please note that we are always looking for new enthusiastic and qualified dealers to handle our products.  Due to the nature of the industry and the product, it is the goal of WTIC to maintain a low saturation of dealers within areas that wind power is applicable.  In order to maintain customer satisfaction we typically look for smaller sized dealers that focus on servicing their local area.