Eco-Friendly Football Stadiums

Imagine yourself in the football stadium watching in real time rather than the couch in your home. Also, imagine how it would be while you’re in an eco-friendly environment as well. It’s a good way to spend your money and keep the environment fresh and clean. A better way to live and experience the natural life, that’s for sure. Not everything has to be done with non-natural sources. Also, there’s nothing better than going outside in nature and becoming a part of it while watching your favourite hobby. It’s much more fun than those metallic and shiny poles glaring at you when the sun hits it just right. Actually seeing unusual things and having your feet in the grass instead of very hard metal is completely different and definitely satisfying. It’s an epic opportunity to experience football a brand new way and have even more fun while watching your favourite team. Great opportunities await for you to tell others that you did something new and fresh and it’s almost like it’s a one of a kind experience.

Janguito Malucelli Stadium

This wondrous stadium is right at home in Brazil. With grass everywhere, it’s a great way to say this is where to go for people who love to have picnics and have a great time. The designers who were in charge of re-creating this masterpiece had gotten rid of the metal (which was a pain to sit in anyway) and replaced them with green seats. This is also better for those hot summer days- there is no more metal to get outrageously hot. So that is just one great thing that came out of this renovation. The new colour also goes very well with the new surroundings. It’s also known as the “Eco Stadium” because of how they planted grass all around the seating area. No more walking on concrete or metal at all- it’s all grass now and it looks even better than it used to.

Kantrida Stadium

You can find this unusual work of art in Croatia which was actually featured in one of CNN’s lists. You can see that there are rocks on one side, and then you have the sea on the other side. Plus, you have an eco-friendly stadium in the middle which is unusual enough on its own. In the year 1912, people decided that having the games here was well worth everything because of the views and the great games. It’s a great location that lots of people frequently visit to spend some well earned time.

The Stadium of Siena

This stadium is found in Italy- which is a beautiful place all on its own. It’s also built and designed to look just like the Earth in which it was developed. You can almost look right past it without even seeing it. The architects who designed this beautiful landscape-like stadium wanted just that- a good balance between Earth and architecture. It is also dug into the Earth a bit so that it can have that natural order of shade that everyone needs during the sunny and hot days. It also goes great with the ground so that it doesn’t seem unnatural. Tourists are not the only ones that are amazed by this structure- the locals have taken a liking to it as well and frequently visit here.