Is Renewable Energy the Best in Germany and France?

Despite there being thousands of solar-powered roofs in Germany, people wonder if they can keep up because of the cloudy climates they experience quite frequently. The same goes for France. However, the government in Germany lets it be known that they want to make it more accessible. By doing that, they lower the costs to them. Now it can be pretty simple to make it happen and this is a good way to save the Earth.

How Easy is it to Put Solar Panels in Place?

“It’s about as easy as renovating your bathroom,” is what Craig Morris had told. He knows quite a bit about it for he had learned much after twenty years in the renewable energy sources. It feels normal, just like you would have something renovated. All you have to do is fill out some papers that are required. Just make sure that you have some money for that too- it can come up to around a couple thousand dollars.

Who is Leading in Renewable Energy?

Paris, Germany and France have taken the top of the board with their great efforts of trying to serve this type of energy in any fashion possible. They use the most creative ways possible to try and get these working. Even though the sun doesn’t shine as much there as it does in other countries in Europe, they still strive for those wonderful opportunities and their hard work is starting to show. Because of investments for renewable energy, it is now about one-third of the whole energy there in Germany. So as you can see, they are doing in their best efforts to transition to renewable energy. In 2015, their energy sources of domestic power were renewable by up to 33%. This is something to boast about, for in the U.S. there was only about 10% of renewable energy that was active.

How Expensive?

Since switching to energy instead of fossil fuels, people have noticed the prices of electricity have gone way up. Compared to 7 cents an hour, it skyrocketed to 18 instead. It is said that Germany has some of the highest costs compared to the rest of the other countries. However, in the future, they said that it could save more money than in the past. France started to slowly embrace this new feature too and Marc-Alain Behar who works at Solaire Direct had said, “It’s way cheaper than any new nuclear facility.”

France has also thrown in another great way of doing things more economically. They stated that any new commercial building that will be built will have plants and/or solar panels. At least a part of it must have these essentials.