What are iGaming platforms?

Judging by the news we read, the articles we find online and the like, iGaming might just be a new buzzword. A simple online search for iGaming yields so many ambiguous results it actually appears to confuse the researcher rather than clarify the mystery. So…what DOES iGaming actually refer to? Keep reading, as the author of this article will do her best to try and clarify the aforementioned mystery.

To start with the simplest definition, iGaming includes any kind of online gaming. Simple, right? Keep reading. What most of the definitions of iGaming include is the “gambling” element or the element of luck or “good fortune”. It does not necessarily include the real money. Some iGames include in-app purchases (the so-called “freemium” games), others are played completely for free, while some include real odds, stakes, and the other things that accompany real-life gambling. And if your idea of iGaming includes some fun gambling, then check out an online casino in NJ and use some awesome bonus offers to get started.

Having tried to clarify the nature of iGaming, I would like to venture into explaining what an iGaming platform is. To put is as simply as possible, an iGaming platform is a platform that makes iGaming possible. Simple again, right? In other words, an iGaming platform is a closed system in which the users interact (both with the system and each other) as they try to win some money, unlock a hidden level, bonus, etc. So, it brings together a lot of different concepts like betting, online gaming, luck, odds, stakes, bookies, etc.

Let me illustrate the text above using a simple example. When a user searches for an iGaming platform online, the search results page yields a lot of websites (some including paid ads) which offer the user to join and venture into gaming (or iGaming, to be more precise). Some sites offer beginner’s bonuses, some free trial versions, etc. What is important is for the user to read carefully and take safety precautions online as some of the websites may include scams such as “phishing”, fraud, stealing of personal/sensitive information such as credit card and social security numbers, and account hijacking, to mention just a few. After the user has made sure that the platform is indeed safe, they can freely venture into playing as iGaming usually means a lot of fun. You can play alone. You can play with your friends. You can play with people you do or do not know at all. And the selection of games iGaming platforms usually offer is all but infinite, and so are the iGaming possibilities. You can use your desktop, a laptop, a smartphone, tablet…Literally any smart device. This way, iGaming can be a pastime, a way to spend time with a friend/acquaintance, etc. The choices are virtually endless!

Hopefully, this article has given you some idea of what is iGaming, online gaming, gambling as well as an iGambling platform. The term is indeed very difficult to explain as it can accompass so many things. I hope the reader has enjoyed reading this article and will find good luck online. Just remember, it is always safety first! Good luck!