What you need to have if you want a high-tech home

We sometimes get a little tech-crazy and overly enthusiastic about the latest gadgets we simply must have in our home. This is not our fault. The newest tech stuff is really convenient and makes our lives easier. Here are some of the gadgets, doohickeys, doodads and thingamabobs you should consider if you choose to upgrade your home.

Amazon Echo

Let’s not beat around the bush – this is THE machine to have in your home. The latest and greatest tech comes from Amazon, with its own AI assistant, Alexa. Alexa has already been established as one of the more advanced AI assistants, putting Siri and Cortana to shame.

The services it provides range from reading poetry, to playing music, giving you the news and the weather, and answering your questions, as well as whatever third-party developers come up with. That’s right – Alexa is open for cooperation with people and companies who are ready, willing and able to design new apps, or, rather, skills. This smart speaker is here to stay.

iQ Alarm clock

You set your alarm, but you wake up 2 hours past that time, clutching your phone in your hands which notifies you that you’ve pushed the snooze option at least twenty times, absolutely oblivious to it. You can’t remember hearing the alarm, and now you are late. To solve this problem, here is a product that you’ll both love and hate.

Yanko Design brings us an alarm clock that asks you simple questions that require a little bit of pondering and focus, like “What is the next number in the sequence” or “Which symbol is the odd one out” You can adjust the difficulty of the questions yourself.

The thing that’s special about this alarm clock is that it doesn’t turn off easily, nor does it allow you to swiftly remove the batteries. Therefore, you will have to endure the beeping until you solve the problem, or until you go bananas.

Smarter 3rd Gen iKettle Smart Electric Kettle

The name’s a mouthful, but the smart kettle in question comes with a number of features. It is compatible with Amazon Alexa, so you don’t have to fret about losing precious seconds in your daily routine to get a cup of joe.

You can boil your drink from anywhere in the world, so that it waits for you when you arrive home. Alternatively, you can have this kettle wake up with you, instantly heat up baby formula, and even keep a steady temperature for up to 40 minutes in Warm-up mode.

Noon Smart Home Lighting System

Another technical treasure that is compatible with the lovable Echo AI, Alexa, is the Noon Smart Home Lighting System. You don’t need to rely on the boring old light switches, since this marvel can use motion sensors to follow you around the house and illuminate any room you visit. That being said, Noon integrates easily into your fixtures.

You might think that is not particularly remarkable, and you’d be right, save for the fact that is uses the data it gets from your usual routine so that it can rhythmically illuminate the required area while in Vacation Mode. This is especially useful as a deterrent to theft, as no burglar would be comfortable in a well-lit room that won’t shut its lights off.